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Houston – Skilled Labor

Houston – General Labor

What Kind of Labor Staffing Does Houston Need?

With a GDP of $63,750 per capita in 2019, Houston has established itself as having one of the most lucrative job markets in the U.S. The largest employment sectors in the metropolitan area include energy, oil and gas, retail, healthcare, construction, and foodservice.

Together, these services account for more than 70% of all Houston-area payrolls. Pacesetter Personnel Services (PPS) provides prescreened, insured skilled and unskilled workers to businesses in a wide variety of industries.

According to UpSkill Houston, an employer-led initiative working to strengthen the pipeline of the skilled workforce in the city, most business owners are looking to hire qualified laborers with at least a high school diploma but not a four-year college degree. Out of the 3.1 million workers in Houston right now, almost 30% meet this criterion.

However, industry is changing in the city influenced by technology and experts forecast that workers at all levels of the Houston labor workforce will be required to have at least basic technology skills.

How Pacesetter Can Help Houston Businesses With Skilled Labor and Industrial Staffing

Houston is a unique economy, which means it has a unique need for labor. From oil and gas and energy to healthcare and construction, many employers are burdened with more employment-related tasks—such as screening, interviewing, and candidate onboarding—than ever before. When you need skilled labor to get the job done, that’s where PPS comes in.

At Pacesetter, our reliable skilled labor staffing services provide on-demand temporary labor to meet the dynamic demand of labor for industrial projects. Whether you need skilled labor such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and painters for your business in the construction industry or bartenders, cooks, and wait staff for your restaurant and hospitality operation, with our professional labor services, Help Is On The Way.

We also provide office and clerical staff, including administrative assistants, data entry clerks, receptionists, and telemarketers, to meet industry-specific needs. Our other areas of expertise include general trade personnel capable of working in distribution, moving and storage; and retail as well as industrial trade staff able to handle forklift operations, maintenance, and manufacturing needs.

Houston General Labor Staffing

In addition to insured skilled labor staffing, Pacesetter can help with general labor with its multiple offices and provided worker transportation. PPS can send personnel anywhere in the Houston area where they’re needed
within hours of placing your order. Whether you need a single worker for a day or several workers indefinitely, we have the people you need who are ready to work.

Houston Payroll Services

Our payroll services leave the tasks of employee like benefits management, payroll administration, claims administration and employer tax administration, so that you can focus on your business. We report and pay all federal and state withholding taxes, social security taxes and federal and state unemployment taxes. We also process all W-2s and maintain I-9s, W-4s and other employee records.

Our expert payroll services have assisted clients from a wide range of industries, including energy, manufacturing, construction services, and technology, helping them save time and money. Whether you have one office or multiple offices across the country, our payroll services are available.

Leave the Paperwork to Us

Pacesetter’s web-based payroll and timekeeping services calculate pay computation, paycheck deductions, and garnishments.Pacesetter also offers customized billing, whether it’s by department, jobsite or employee.

Our system also allows each employee to view his or her information and opt-in for paycheck direct deposit.

Workers’ Compensation and Health Insurance

With Pacesetter payroll services, we provide workers’ compensation insurance on all of our employees and we manage their workers’ compensation and unemployment claims. PPS is ACA compliant and we E-verify all potential labor, skilled labor, and payroll employees.

Let Us Save You Time and Money

Whether you need general labor or skilled labor to meet a project deadline or you have an ongoing need for insured laborers, Help Is On The Way.

Pacesetter is one of the top temporary employment agencies in Houston that’s been working with Houston-area companies from a wide variety of industries, including venue and food services, construction, and manufacturing, assisting with their long-term and short-term staffing and labor needs.

So if you need labor solutions that you can depend on, call us. With PPS, Help Is On The Way.