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Fort Myers

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Fort Myers Labor Staffing Data

The Fort Myers area is home to growing businesses in such industries as agriculture, oil and gas, mining, construction, manufacturing, wholesalers, retail, transportation, and utilities, all of which clearly fuel employment for white collar executives as well as skilled and general laborers. Fort Myers boasts an average salary of $37,360 and is expected to see a 44% increase in job growth over the next 10 years, outpacing the U.S. average of 33.5%.

The area, which also includes Bonita Springs, is very business-friendly as more and more companies are founded, accelerated, or relocated here.

As with all cities in Florida, Fort Myers holds a number of benefits for growing companies, including:

  1. No personal income tax, allowing employees to pocket more of their income and adding to a favorable cost of living.
  2. Prime location makes travel between major Florida cities, such as Miami, Tampa, and Orlando, along I-75 more convenient. The area’s Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) serves more than 9 million passengers annually and Page Field, located in Lee County, is a business and general aviation airport.
  3. A growing talent base is fueled by local universities, colleges, and technical schools. The area produces thousands of young, well-educated,and skilled people for its workforce to meet the growing career opportunities for both emerging professionals and skilled labor. Plus, professionals and workers are lured by Fort Myers’ beautiful weather that permits year-round outdoor activities.

With Fort Myers’ diverse industries, it holds unique and dynamic labor demands that a growing economy needs. Pacesetter Personnel Services (PPS) brings potential employers and temporary employees together with its temporary labor staffing services.

How Pacesetter Helps Businesses in Fort Myers with Skilled Labor Services

Managers and owners of businesses in Fort Myers face strict daily deadlines and may find it difficult to screen the labor candidates they need in order to complete both current and future projects. At Pacesetter, we provide innovative temporary labor staffing solutions tailored around your industry, your business, and the tasks that you need to get done.

We bring you screened and qualified skilled labor with experience in key Fort Myers industries such as construction, food service, general and industrial trade, and office/clerical work. Our carpenters, electricians, plumbers, welders, and painters come to the rescue when your team falls behind schedule on virtually any construction project, from commercial and industrial to residential.

Let us help by sending you the labor you need, whether it’s retail clerks, assembly workers, or professional movers. We can help in your back office too while your permanent employees are on vacation, taking leave, or while you search for a replacement. With our administrative assistants and other office and clerical staff, we can help you bridge the gaps and keep your back-office processes flowing.

General Labor Assistance in Fort Myers

When work becomes overwhelming, look to PPS for the general labor personnel you need to help out. Our prescreened people from the Fort Myers area understand working under pressure and can help in any area, from general construction to janitorial work and warehouse loading and unloading.

After you place your order, our general labor comes to you no matter where your worksite is located in the Fort Myers/Bonita Springs areas. Thanks to our convenient employee transportation program, we’ll bring the general labor to you within mere hours of receiving your work order. And we’re always available with offices open 24/7 to provide the right people whenever and wherever you need them. With Pacesetter, Help Is On the Way.

Pacesetter’s Payroll Services

At PPS, our payroll services are specifically created to take your company’s arduous payroll administration off your desk. You can count on our payroll administration experts to take care of your payroll tasks from time sheet and paycheck distribution to administering state and federal employment taxes. We can also process W-2’s and maintain I-9’s, W-4’s, and other employee administrative paperwork. Look to us to boost productivity in your company by handling insurance, including workers’ compensation, medical, dental, and vision, so that you can focus on the tasks that grow your business.

Leave the Paperwork to Us

Pacesetter’s web-based payroll and time keeping services calculate pay, paycheck deductions, and garnishments. PPS also provides custom billing by department, job site, or employee.

Each employee can also view their paycheck information and opt for paycheck direct deposit.

Workers’ Compensation and Health Insurance

Pacesetter payroll services provide workers’ compensation insurance on all PPS employees; plus, we manage their workers’ compensation and unemployment claims. Pacesetter is ACA-compliant, and we E-verify all potential labor, skilled labor, and payroll employees.

Help Is on the Way with Pacesetter’s Short-term Labor and Staffing Services

When companies in Fort Myers need skilled labor to pitch in on complex tasks or general labor personnel for help with non-specialized tasks, Help Is On the Way with Pacesetter’s short-term labor and staffing services. We’re one of the leading temporary employment agencies in Fort Myers because we fulfill our promises to our customers with exceptional customer service.

Call us today to learn more.