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Dallas – Skilled Labor

Dallas / Fort Worth – General Labor

Understanding the Staffing, Employment and Labor Market in Dallas

The Dallas job market is considerably more diverse than other metropolitan areas in Texas — but that’s what makes the city all the more competitive. With major employers like American Airlines, AT&T, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, USPS, Kroger and Lockheed Martin employing large percentages of the workforce, Dallas is an attractive city for professionals looking to build and sustain their careers. That trickle-down economy opens up enormous opportunities for both skilled and general labor workers.

Dallas Metro Area’s GDP per capita income measures at around $64,825 according to 2017 statistics and is slated to grow to $67,240 by 2022. With a steady growth rate like this, Dallas’s quality-of-life appeal has continued to climb in the last two decades, making it a multi-cultural melting pot.

Since the ’90s, Dallas’s real estate market has dramatically climbed to reach the level where it is today, with rapid expansion and construction providing opportunities for both general and skilled labor.

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is home to more than 20 Fortune 500 companies, with10 of them located in or near downtown Dallas. The city of Dallas has a historical link to telecommunications and has a dedicated Telecom Corridor in Richardson, just north of Dallas, where Nortel Networks, Alcatel Lucent, Ericsson, Nokia, Fujitsu, Cisco Systems and the aforementioned telecom superpower AT&T are located.

The telecom sector aside, Dallas has plenty of industry growth and potential for the transportation, healthcare, food, energy and engineering industries, which are upstream to labor staffing needs in construction, foodservice and manufacturing. The labor work force necessary to execute within these industries, plus the affordable housing in the area, make Dallas an optimal market for both executives and labor staff alike.

Find the Labor Work Force You Need with Pacesetter Personnel Services

With the help of Pacesetter Personnel Services (PPS), the best-in-class labor staffing services company in Dallas, organizations can get the personnel they need—virtually hassle-free—to get their vital tasks done.

Surviving in a competitive market like Dallas means you need the best people by your side. Our insight into the Dallas labor work force and our experience with industry-specific staffing and labor needs are what set us apart from solutions other staffing companies offer in the market.

Our system allows us to match job requirements with available prescreened candidates. As part of our skilled labor services, we analyze applications, work experience, history, references and more to send you dependable workers when you need them.

With Pacesetter, Help Is On the Way. Our goal is to add value to your company’s team with the general, skilled and industrial workers you need and can depend on.

Need Immediate Labor Assistance? You Can Rely on Us

Our temporary staffing and labor services are ideal for project managers or companies that need a consistent team of both skilled and general labor in Dallas. We prescreen our labor workers for you—no matter how last-minute your request is. Whether you need workers for one day or 100 days, we can use our internal transportation system to get them to your location and to work ASAP.

Let’s say you need a labor team todo a list of tasks on a construction site. We can deliver the skilled labor work force, including carpenters, electricians, plumbers and welders, as well as workers to do janitorial, loading and unloading tasks. We can also supplement your food industry employees while they’re on leave.

Our goal as a temporary labor staffing agency in Dallas is to make sure you can continue to grow with the labor staff that you need in order to get things done.

Leave Your Payroll and Administration to Us — Our Experts Are Up to the Task

The whole process of dealing with payroll management, like state and federal taxes, payroll administration and insurance, can be exhausting and takes your attention away from your business. When you use Pacesetter Personnel Services, we take care of it.

Our payroll services department tracks employer insurance, claims, worker’s comp, benefit management and other administrative tasks that drag you or your office administration down and keep you and them from doing the things that help your business grow.

Leave the Paperwork to Us

Pacesetter’s web-based payroll and timekeeping services calculate pay, paycheck deductions and garnishments. PPS also offers customized billing, whether it’s by department, job site or employee.

Our system also allows each employee to view his or her information and opt for paycheck direct deposit. So whether you manage payroll for one office or more than one hundred offices, let us take the burden off your team.

Workers’ Compensation and Health Insurance

With Pacesetter payroll services, we provide workers’ compensation insurance for all of our employees, and we manage their workers’ compensation and unemployment claims. Pacesetter is ACA-compliant and we E-verify all potential labor, skilled labor and payroll employees.

The Pacesetter Way

We go the extra mile to ensure that the candidates we provide are suitable, screened and ready to work. Our Dallas office is open 24/7 with a fleet of transport vehicles ready to bring workers onsite when you need them.

Contact us today with all your long- and short-term staffing and labor needs. With Pacesetter on your side, Help Is On the Way.